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We help oil and gas clients engineer their organization for success through our unique combination of proven tools, benchmarks and deep industry knowledge. The recent turmoil in the global oil and gas industry has combined with longstanding trends to raise fundamental questions for oil and gas players, including the right size and shape for their organization, ways to improve engineering productivity, how to manage an ever increasing pace of change and strategies to build the organizational capability needed to succeed. Transformation programs are often seen as the answer to these questions, yet their effects can be short-lived. Our approach—based on decades of client work and extensive in-house research—helps clients address organizational issues to improve business performance alongside building their organizational health as the means to sustaining excellent long-term results. That involves developing the right capabilities, embedding efficient processes, and constantly reviewing the opportunities they pursue.

What we do

Over the past five years, we have served many of Iran top oil and gas companies in more than 100 projects—spanning Technical and material and commercial supports, organizational analytics and design, performance transformation, human capital and talent, and merger management. In addition to providing strategic advice and hands-on support with implementation, we are committed to building clients' capabilities at all levels of projects to ensure long-term success. To help senior project managers and executives for their project developments, we offer focused procurement opportunities through our nationwide and worldwide cooperation.

Our Difference

We focus exclusively on the oil and gas industry-
We are oil and gas professionals. We speak the language. We live the business-
Our unique blend of oil and gas knowledge and technical expertise delivers business solutions that power operational improvement-
Our balanced engagement approach generates measurable business benefits quickly while laying the foundation for sustainable operational improvement at the enterprise level-
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